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Fr 01 Februar 2019

Imprint & Privacy

Posted by Klaus Eisentraut in Imprint   


This blog belongs to:

Klaus Eisentraut
Martin-Luther-Platz 3
91054 Erlangen

If you want to contact me, feel free to write an email to firstname-lastname@hohenpoelz.de. Obviously, this is not an actual email address, instead replace firstname with klaus and lastname with eisentraut. I'm happy to hear from you, but might need some time to answer.


This page does not set any cookies and does not give any data to third-party trackers.

The only data which I store for some time are the access logs of lighttpd which are kept for debugging purposes if something goes wrong. If you are worried about this, then please use Tor Browser and access this page over the hidden service at http://ha5lnclewm7gyn6hw3feijnzkqwa37bp277wimvkyqzr24rv2erwvpad.onion.